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The Company’s Directors are formed with personnels who are specialists, especially in the fields of capital market and finance. Knowledge and experience of directors has ensured the capability of the Directors in leading the Company’s operational activities

The Directors are then appointed and released by the General Shareholders Meeting. At the moment, all of the Company’s directors do not have any position in other companies, and this should guarantee the commitment of the directors  towards the company’s progress.

The board of Directors consists of 3 Directors, including the President Director. The main duties of a Director as stipulated in the Company’s Articles of Association are as follows :

  • Directors are fully responsible in fulfilling their job to achieve the Company’s vision and mission.

  • Each director must fulfill his/her work with good ethic and responsibility by following all of the laws and regulations.

  • And all other matters that are related to the Company’s management.


Statement that the Board of Directors has a Board of Directors guideline or charter

The Board of Directors has a Board of Directors Charter which is a guide in carrying out its duties and functions.

Assessment of the performance of the committee that supports the implementation of the duties of the Board of Directors

The performance of the Audit Committee is considered good and has contributed during 2020 to assist the Board of Directors in carrying out the Company's business.

Remuneration and Compensation Board of Director

In 2020 the Board of Directors received a total of Rp. 1.506 million in total salaries, remuneration and other compensation.


Remuneration of members of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors is carried out by:

  • Analyses and recommendations package formulated remuneration the board of commissioners and directors accordance with right and their responsibility, and convey the recommendations to the shareholders to legalized in the Shareholders Meeting.

  • Planning and nomination of nominating candidates will be proposed, as a member of the board of commissioners board of directors and / or of various members of other committee which is under committee supervision. Removal for a member of the committee is under the authority and approval from the board of commissioners, in the event the board of commissioners and directors through Shareholders Meeting.


Performance assessment system and the remuneration of the Board of Directors is carried out by:

  • Shareholders assess the performance of the Board of Directors as a whole and each Member of the Board of Directors through the mechanism of the Shareholders Meeting.

  • Individual Assessment for each Member of the Board of Directors is performed by the President Director and reported to the GMS when they and considered.

  • The assessment performance of directors to base calculations remuneration of directors.

  • Remuneration of the Board of Directors must be able to motivate the directors to achieve long-term growth and success of the company in a controlled framework.


Board of Directors Meeting, Joint Meeting and Attendance Level of Members of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors held a Board of Directors Meetings every month. and joint meetings with Board of Commissioners held every 4 (four) months.

During 2020, the Board of Directors has held 12 (twelve) meetings and Joint Meetings 3 (three) times.

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