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The company must declare and define the rules of corporate governance and in accordance with the principles of this code of conduct. The regulations must be in the form of manuals and available as a reference for the Board of Directors. This should be communicated to the Commission that will evaluate the submission taking into account the code of conduct, and taking into account the size and nature of business of the company. Chairman of the Board is in charge of and is responsible for ensuring compliance with the code of practice and corporate governance unless mandated by law.

Code of conduct and corporate culture is one form of commitment of PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk upon implementation of management companies and is set as  commitment consisting of business ethics PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk which arranged in order to influence, forming, coordination and do conformity mannerisms so be achieved output that consistent corresponding with corporate culture of PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk in achieving vision and his mission. Code of conduct and corporate culture shall apply for all individuals acting on behalf of PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk said as subsidiary entity and affiliates under control, stockholders (investors) and all stakeholders or working partners who transacts business with PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk and also serve as the implementation basis of the decision making.


Principles concerning the code of ethics

  1. Comply with with applicable laws and regulations.

  2. Maintain the good name of the Company.

  3. Maintain Company secrets.

  4. Mutual respect, mutual respect and a sense of responsibility to maintain and foster a harmonious work environment.

  5. Not missusing his/her position and authority for the benefit of his personal or family.

  6. Did not commit a disgraceful act that could harm him/her and the Company.

  7. Always improve his/her  knowledge and insight, by attending seminars or training.

  8. Maintain ethics in appearance, dress and talk.

Forms of socialization of the code of ethics and enforcement efforts

The socialization of the Company's code of ethics and culture is carried out periodically from time to time, both in oral and written form so that the employees always remember and run it.


Information about corporate culture or company values.

The corporate culture is values ​​that guide management and employees in maintaining their duties and responsibilities to realize the company's philosophy.

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