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To create the company's operational activities which is free from practices of corruption, collusion and nepotism as well as upholding the Ethical Guidelines, where the company is trying to increase the role and actively involved all the company resources and other stakeholders through a mechanism of fair and transparent responses, one of them through the Violations or Whistleblowing Reporting System (WBS).


The implementation of whistleblowers system which managed by the Audit Committee, determined by the Board of Commissioners appointed by Decree and ratified by decision of Board of Directors. The Audit Committee will follow up any complaints from employees and from a third party with regard to:

  • Accounting and Auditing. Problems of accounting and internal control on financial reporting that could potentially lead to material misstatement in the financial statements and audit problems especially regarding the independency of the independent auditors;

  • Violation of regulations. Violation of the rules and regulations of the capital market legislation is related to the operations of the company as well as a violation of internal regulations that could potentially result in loss for the company;

  • Alleged fraud cheating and/or alleged corruption committed by officials and/or employees; and

  • Code of ethics. The Board of Directors and management behavior that is not potentially defame the reputation of the admirable company or resulted in losses for the company. The Board of Directors and management behavior that does not include, among others: admirable is not honest, the potential conflict of interest (conflict of interest) or give misleading information to the public.

Reporting mechanisms for Violations (whistleblowing) are as follows:

1. The reporting done in writing

  • Official letter addressed to the company Board of Commissioners in particular, by means of a direct submission, sent by facsimile, or by post to the company.

  • By email:

  • Delivered to the official address: 

PT Panca Global Kapital, Tbk,

Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Tower I, 17th Fl

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta 12190

  • Reporting violations in writing must include a photocopy of the personal identity and supporting documents such as: documents relating to the transactions carried out and/or reporting violations to be delivered.

2. Representatives of stakeholders

In reporting violations filed by stakeholders representative, then in addition to the above documents has to submitted other documents, such as:

  • A copy of identity of stakeholders and stakeholders representatives.

  • Power of Attorney from stakeholders.

  • If stakeholders representatives is an institution or a legal entity, it must be enclosed with the documents stated that the proposed Violations Reporting are authorised to represent the legal institution or entity.

3. Acceptance of Violations Reporting by the company.

  • Company received any violations reporting filed by stakeholders and/or stakeholders Representative whether oral or written.

  • Company provides an explanation of the policies and settlement procedures Violations Reporting at the time of completion of stakeholders and/or stakeholders representative propose violations Reporting.

  • Company provides receipt, if violations reporting filed in writing.

  • Admission Violations Reporting is the Board of Commissioners in particular the Audit Committee of the company.

The mechanism of Violations Reporting has to socialized to all stakeholders in the framework of the implementation of GCG in the company.

Protection for Reporters, Complaint Handling and Complaint Results

The Company provides protection to the reporter and guarantees the confidentiality of data and information obtained from the reporter.

The incoming report will be followed up as a basis for considering the decision to take actions and / or sanctions. Furthermore, the parties proven to have committed violations will be given sanctions in accordance with company regulations.

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