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Social and Environmental Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility “Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR” is a concept or action taken by the company as a sense of corporate responsibility towards social and the surrounding environment where the company is located. This is part of the Company’s Vision to provide added value to stakeholders in order to create good synerfy, progress, and grow together. As a form of corporate responsibility and commitment to the social environment, it is realized through the implementation of social responsibility activities which are routinely held every year.

In 2023, the Company will make donations to several foundations, including the Kayape Foundation in Kupang, NTT; and Adinda Orphanage in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. The Company funds used for social service activities are IDR 10,000,000 (Ten Million Rupiah).


Corporate Social Responsibility Program Objectives

The objectives of implementing CSR Include:

  • Growing a good image of the company in the surrounding environment and stakeholders.

  • Realizing the application of the principle of taking responsibility for each other and the environment.


Gender Equality in Terms of Employment Opportunities

The Company provides equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of differences in gender, ethnicity, religion, race, social status, or physical condition to participate in the employee recruitment program. The appointment of prospective employees is assessed based on the selection results, evaluation results during the probationary period and employee orientation.


Means and Safety of Work

PT Panca Global Kapital Tbk “Company” is located in the Indonesia Stock Exchange building which has good facilities and infrastructure to support employee performance and has been equipped with various standard work safety devices such as : Fire Extinguisher, Smoker Detector, Diesel Pump, Emergency Ladders. Then, the building management periodically chaecks all of these facilities to ensure that all facilities can work optimally when needed.

Employee Turnover Rate

Low employee turnover.


Work Accident Rate

Low work accident rate

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