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The Board of Commissioners is a group of individuals elected by all shareholders of the Company who are responsible for carrying out general and/or specific supervision in accordance with the articles of association and providing advice to the Board of Directors. The main duties of a Board of Commissioner as stipulated in the Company’s Articles of Association are as follows:

  • Board of Commissioner supervises on the management’s policies in general, about the company or business company and giving advice to the Board of Directors.

  • Board of Commissioners has the office hours and has the right to check its financial statements, documents and other evidences, checking and balancing the cash situation and has the right to know every acts of the Board of Directors.

  • And all other matters that are related to the Company’s management.


Candidate members of the Board of Commissioners may be proposed by all shareholders, while candidate members of the independent commissioners can only be proposed by minority shareholders. Candidates for commissioner members must have good morals and ethics, be able to perform legal actions, never declared bankrupt, and never been convicted or declared bankrupt for committing a crime in the financial field. Furthermore, Commissioners are appointed and dismissed by the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).


 Board of Commissioners Charter

The Board of Commissioners has a Board of Commissioners Charter which is a guide in carrying out its duties and functions.


Board of Commissioners’ Independence

Based on the results of the Company's AGMS decision held on June 20 2023, members of the Board of Commissioners have complied with the applicable laws and regulations, the number of members of the Board of Commissioners is 2 (two) people, who come from outside Shareholders, consisting of the Commissioner Principal and Commissioner of the Company. This is done to maintain the independence of the Board of Commissioners’ supervisory function and ensure the implementation of the Check and Balance mechanism. In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners takes care not to enter the executive realm and remains firm in the supervisory function of the Board of Commissioners.

During 2023, there will be no changes to the composition of the Board Commissioners.

Board of Commissioners Meetings, Joint Meetings and Attendance Level of Board of Commissioners Members

As regulated in POJK 33/2014, the Board of Commissioners holds a Board of Commissioners Meeting every 2 (two) months. In addition, the Board of Commissioners holds joint meetings with the Board of Directors which are held every 4 (four) months. Attendance Rate of Members of the Company's Board of Commissioners 100%.

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