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The Board of Commissioners are representatives of the company’s shareholders. The Board of Commissioners has the responsibility to supervise the management of the Company that are performed by the directors and also provide advice to the directors.

The main duties of a Board of Commissionesr as stipulated in the Company’s Articles of Association are as follows :

  • Board of Commissioner supervises on the management’spolicies in general, about the company or business company and giving advice to the Board of Directors.

  • Board of Commissioners has the right to enter the company during the office hours and has the right to check its financial statements, documents and other evidences, checking and balancing the cash situation and has the right to know every acts of the Board of Directors.

  • And all other matters that are related to the Company’s management.

Candidate for commissioners could be proposed by all shareholders whereas the independent commissioner could only be proposed by the minority shareholders. Members of the commissioners must have a good personality, be able to act judicially, never being stated of bankruptcy and never been punished for any financial crime. Commissioners can then be appointed and released by the General Shareholders Meeting.


Remuneration and Compensation Board of Commissioners

In 2020, the Board of Commissioners received a total of Rp 162 million in total salaries, remuneration and other compensation.

Remuneration of members of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors is carried out by:

  • Remuneration for members of the Board of Commissioners is granted on the basis of the formula set by the Annual General Shareholders Meeting.

  • Analyses and recommendations package formulated remuneration the board of commissioners and directors accordance with right and their responsibility, and convey the recommendations to the shareholders to legalized in the Shareholders Meeting.

  • Planning and nomination of nominating candidates will be proposed, as a member of the board of commissioners board of directors and / or of various members of other committee which is under committee supervision. Removal for a member of the committee is under the authority and approval from the board of commissioners, in the event the board of commissioners and directors through Shareholders Meeting.


Board of Commissioners Charter

The Board of Commissioners has a Board of Commissioners Charter which is a guide in carrying out its duties and functions.

Assessment of the performance of the committee that supports the implementation of the duties of the Board of Commissioners.

In supporting the effectiveness of their duties and responsibilities, the Board of Commissioners of the Company forms an Audit Committee. The members of the Audit Committee are appointed by the Board of Commissioners with an Independent Commissioner as chairman of the Audit Committee. The implementation of the duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee is carried out in accordance with the Audit Committee Guidelines.

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